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What Is Team Coaching?
Team Coaching helps an existing or newly-formed team achieve desired goals.
Team coaching can be used to assist with:
       - Creating a common vision and values framework
       - Organizational change
       - Decision making
       - Establishing new teams
       - Strategic planning
       - Exploring and leveraging the unique capabilities of team members
Is Team Coaching the same as Team Building?
No. Team building is typically a short-term activity designed to strengthen unity and collaboration among colleagues. Team coaching utilizes a more involved approach to assess a teamís dynamics,composition, strategies and goals.
What is the Process?
Team Coaching is similar to Executive Coaching in terms of the selection process. As with Executive Coaching, the fees vary. For additional details, contact David DeHaven at 540-588-8879 ordavid@d3coaching.com

Executive Coaching
D3 Coaching offers individual coaching sessions for executives, senior managers, middle managers, professional staff, and other key contributors. Executive coaching offers the opportunity to pursue personal and professional development in a confidential and collaborative one-on-one environment. By facilitating individual growth and enhancing leadership and management competencies necessary to achieve higher performance, executive coaching increases organizational effectiveness. Executive coaching is a learning process that is tailored to an individual's needs.
Our executive coaches listen, conduct in-depth interviews, ask questions, provide support and feedback, and challenge clients.  Our Executive Coaches work with both individuals and teams to enhance skills. Executive coaching leads to a more productive, efficient and engaged workforce. The high-impact results achieved from coaching can be observed and measured.

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